Cottonmouth Snake Facts

Ok I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding cottonmouth snakes aka water moccasin snakes that are just way off track. There is a ton of misinformation out there, a lot of the old wives tales seem to be still alive and thriving. I’m going to take a couple moments to touch on some cottonmouth snake facts and dispel some myths along the way. If you have any specific cottonmouth snake facts that you’d like me to address please feel free to submit a question on the Q & A page.

There are no chemicals or sprays that can reliably repel venomous snakes or any other snakes for that matter. Yes, there are some chemicals or sprays that will kill a snake if sprayed directly but there really isn’t any snake repellant that you can simply spray around your house that will prevent a snake from entering.
Cottonmouth snake fact number two is that these snakes along with other snakes will travel long distances during the spring month in search of possible mates. They are often observed well away from standing water this time of year. This however short lived as water moccasin snakes will work their way back to the comfort of the swamp as soon as mating takes place.

Water moccasins will not bite a person and hold on until lightening strikes. This may sound foolish, but I’ve received three emails recently asking me this very question.
After the recent news story was published where the homeless man cut the head of the cottonmouth water moccasin and stuck his finger in it’s mouth and received an envenomation as a result. I think it’s only fitting to revisit a little common sense fact. If for whatever reason you cut the head off a venomous snake be warned that yes the fangs still contain venom and it’s possible to get envenomated by sticking your finger into the dead snakes mouth.
Another cottonmouth snake fact is that these snakes really are the only semi aquatic viper in the world.
These guys are one of the few snakes out there that are truly opportunistic feeders. With that, these guys have a diet that’s is extremely diversified, they’ll eat just about anything. Seriously, they have a diet that ranges from rodents to fish to reptiles.

In conclusion you can’t use chemicals to repel snakes. Cottonmouths travel long distances away from water during mating season. Never stick your fingers in the mouth of a venomous snake whether or not that animal is alive or dead. Of course, no animal is going to bite and hold that bite until lightening strikes. Cottonmouth water moccasins are garbage disposals and will pretty much eat anything they can catch and over power.